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strives to build a proud COMMUNITY OF DIVERSE VOICES.



An online publication that strives to build a proud community of diverse voices. Pearl comes from the founder's grandmother's Yiddish name, Polina. The founder's grandparents were both artistic and creative in everything they did. Her grandfather, a writer and painter who always wanted to capture his muse, Polina, in the most beautiful of ways.

It was important to them to have many artist's voices celebrated and heard in their life. The founder wanted to continue this passion for art through Pearl Press by growing a community of artists who are looking to uplift one another.



Love Letters

My grandparents had so much love for each other. They photographed one another, wrote poetry. I wanted to create a library of adoration for this issue. Reminding ourselves that a love letter can be written in many forms. The conversation between images of family, ones we have lost, partners we lay by is important in order for us to recognize how much love is truly around us.



Send an email with your written or visual work; include your name, a short bio, title and description of the work. If you are sending visual work, make sure it is at least 300 dpi. If you are submitting written work, please send as a PDF. There is no max or min amount of work you can send, but keep in mind that only some of the work might be selected.

Every issue will have a concept that you can interpret in anyway you would like. Some work from each issue will be displayed on as well, so include a website and Instagram handle if applicable! Thank you and happy submitting! 

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A fine arts photographer and creative writer who focuses on documentary work and personal projects. Delilah works primarily with medium format film and tries to find ways of having a hands on approach with her work whether it be printing in the darkroom or scanning. Her work has been published in Waif Magazine, Aint-Bad and Sissy Screens. Delilah continues to write about her family, her relationships and her connection to femininity. She is currently working for Wix in New York assisting with their Design Academy. 




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